New Management Brings Change to Dive Kapiti

Craig Hipson, Dive Kapiti

New management makes Kapiti natural resources and environment more accessible to the wider community with its new product range, variety of courses, and charter trips.

Under new management by Craig Hipson since mid 2014, Dive Kapiti has been undergoing several changes in the past two months to encourage diving within the community.

Along with a more affordable product range, a variety of courses for all skill levels, new website, and charter trips, Craig Hipson is encouraging locals to experience Kapiti’s underwater surroundings first hand this summer.

“Nothing beats being able to eat your own catch while exploring the natural ecosystem underwater, it’s  about experiencing Kapiti in a completely new way. Our aim is to make this accessible and affordable within our community.  For instance our fins started at $169, they now start at $69. This will make a huge difference for new hobbyists wanting to experience diving.”

With a new website that now offers more product choice including the more affordable Rob Allen & Atlantis range, as well as courses that range from the novice to the advanced, Dive Kapiti expects to see an increased number of new dive enthusiasts.

For more information contact:

Craig Hipson | 04 297 0075 / 021 0255 0000 |